© 2018 Youth & Acolyte Convention Team


Without doubt, the greatest way each of you could support the YAC is through your prayers.  

  • Please pray that the Holy Spirit guides our activities, our speakers, our leaders, and our clergy that they may address each participant directly in a way that will guide each child closer to Christ our Lord.  

  • Please pray for the protection of our Blessed Mother, the Theotekos, and for the wellbeing of all the participants of the convention.

  • Please pray that as we work together to create an encounter with Christ, we are a step closer not only to more vibrant parishes, but to a vibrant Eparchy!

Financial support

It is our hope that no child should be prohibited from attending due to the cost of the convention, or the travel expenses.  

  • Please first consider helping sponsor families from your parish who are interested in attending.

  • If you are able to be a program sponsor, any amount will be appreciated.  Your sponsorship will be published in our booklet.  For more information on how to make a tax-deductable donation, please contact us at StJosaphatYAC@gmail.com. 

Word of Mouth!

  • So many families find out about YAC too late!  Please take the time to share information and encourage YAC participation.