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More to come.... But here's a preliminary list of who will be speaking at the YAC:

  • Larissa Fedoryka - Music performer, graduate student and member of the music band Scythians

  • Lala Lonchyna - Catechist, musician, songwriter and priest's wife

  • Deacon Trevor Fernandez - judge by day, deacon by calling

  • Mother Gabriella - from Christ the Bridegroom Monastary, a voice of peace, love and mercy

  • Deacon Jeff Smolilo -  bandurist, family man and Archdeacon for the St. Josaphat Eparchy of Parma.

  • Fr. Ivan Chirovsky - Pastor of St. John the Baptist in Pittsburgh, PA, and knoweldge repository for all things Byzantine

  • Fr. Joseph Matlak - St. Josaphat Cathedral, liturgical songbird and cool English-accent guy

  • Maria Chirovsky -  Hospital Chaplain and theologan

Lots of invited clergy to help us through the Sacraments of Reconcilation and Divine Liturgy!